Ais attacks and failures

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Ais attacks and failures

Antivirus software, for example, seeks to identify and quarantine files that are known bad or strongly suspected of being malicious. In contrast, Bit9 specializes in helping companies develop custom lists of software that they want to allow employees to run, and to treat all other applications as potentially unknown and dangerous.

But earlier today, Bit9 told a source for KrebsOnSecurity that their corporate networks had been breached by a cyberattack.

The upshot of the intrusion is that with a whitelist policy applied to a machine, that machine will blindly trust and run anything signed by Bit9.

An hour after being contacted by KrebsOnSecurity, Bit9 published a blog post acknowledging a break-in. There is no indication that this was the result of an issue with our product. Our investigation also shows that our product was not compromised.

There may be deep irony in this attack: But only time will tell how the initial discovery really played out. Jeremiah Grossman, chief technology officer for security testing firm Whitehat Securitysaid the attackers who broke into Bit9 almost certainly were doing so as a means to an end.

Ais attacks and failures

This is almost certainly highly targeted. This is more than likely [the product of] very targeted, careful thinking by someone who understands a higher level of security strategy.

The company was founded on a U.

Ais attacks and failures

Instead of hacking the Bit9 application or network device, they went after Bit9 directly. That says a lot on its own.

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