An analysis of the ancient israeli tunnels

Israeli archaeologists have found the first known Roman-era theater in Jerusalem's Old City, a unique 1,year-old structure abutting the Western Wall.

An analysis of the ancient israeli tunnels

Desert defences are being strengthened and strategy revised as a once stable relationship splinters. There was no suggestion the two events were linked, but the violence underscores how security in the Sinai Peninsula has deteriorated since the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak inwith no hope of any swift solution while Cairo remains convulsed by political uncertainty.

Israel faces a dilemma of major strategic consequences. Its year peace with Egypt has been a cornerstone of regional stability and an economic boon for both countries, thanks in part to generous U.

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No one expects Cairo to bin the peace accord any time soon, even if the Muslim Brotherhood, which is traditionally hostile to the Jewish State, does manage to consolidate power in the face of an Egyptian military out to conserve its own authority.

A demilitarised Sinai is the keystone of the peace. But for the past year there has been growing lawlessness in the vast desert expanse, as Bedouin bandits, jihadists and Palestinian militants from next-door Gaza fill the vacuum, tearing at already frayed relations between Egypt and Israel.

Such a move would mark a dangerous turning point in an already inflammatory region. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered ministers not to talk in public about the situation for fear of exacerbating tensions. But there are signs of growing public frustration in Israel. Last August, eight Israelis died in a cross-border attack blamed on Palestinian militants from the nearby Gaza Strip.

Earlier this week, Israel said two grad rockets that hit its territory were fired out of Sinai - a charge Egypt denied. The worsening security in the south has come at a time of increased tensions in the north, tied to the months-long Syrian crisis, and continuous, low-level warfare in Gaza.

A cartoon in left-leaning Haaertz newspaper on Tuesday showed Netanyahu crouching in a ditch alongside Defence Minister Ehud Barak as rockets fly in from Egypt. Israeli officials have so far ruled out direct intervention in the Sinai and have instead urged Egypt to resolve the problem by itself, letting its military dispatch more troops to the peninsula than allowed for by their historic, peace treaty.

But as the Israelis have discovered in Gaza, a fence does not keep out rockets or missiles. So unless it opts for direct intervention, it will have to depend on Egyptian intervention. But an analysis in the same paper warned of bad times ahead.

Israel believes an empowered Brotherhood will reverse that policy, creating instant friction between the erstwhile allies. Editing by Jon Hemming.Oct 27,  · RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - The arteries of Gaza's economy have collapsed as Egypt demolishes the smuggling tunnels along its sandy border.

Ancient stone villages in . Report: Hamas digging 10 kilometers of tunnels per month toward Israel Share on facebook Share on twitter Soldiers from the elite IDF Engineering Corps Yahalom unit train for tunnel warfare.

The tunnel bomb, a deadly modern riff on an ancient tactic, is emerging as a potent new iridis-photo-restoration.coml dozen have been detonated in Syria, while ISIS used them to take the Iraqi city of .

A series of underground chambers and tunnels recently found in Israel were likely used as refuges during the First Jewish Revolt, archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority announced.

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An analysis of the ancient israeli tunnels

Hamas is digging more than six miles of tunnels each month toward Israel, which has no guaranteed techniques for detecting them, Israeli officials said Wednesday.

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