An analysis of the movie magnolia by paul thomas anderson

This was not just a matter of chance. In the bracing cinema of — perhaps the best year ever for intelligent American studio films — screens were filled with strangeness. A plastic bag flitted in the wind with great artistry in American Beauty, and a self-involved middle-aged man showed tenderness to the half-naked teenager trying to seduce him. Three Kings stirred moral awakening into a mix of war and treasure-hunt motifs with subtle grace and great humor.

An analysis of the movie magnolia by paul thomas anderson

Monday, May 14, Paul Thomas Anderson: Family, Religion, and some analysis Very few people can consider themselves a master of cinema; even less can call themselves good at it.

Very few directors are able to put themselves above the rest by being innovative, imaginative, and powerful with a film camera. Enter Paul Thomas Anderson who by the age of 41 has written and directed five movies, four of which have gathered universal critical proclaim, been nominated for five Academy Awards, won the Golden Bear, and won the Best Director award at the Cannes film festival.

A master of the long take and being able to craft epics that focus on multiple characters, Paul Thomas Anderson is a one of a kind filmmaker unlike anyone else before him.

What makes Paul Thomas Anderson so great?

An analysis of the movie magnolia by paul thomas anderson

He explores deep themes like family as he explores the ideas of surrogate fathers and creations of new families. He also analyzes religion in his films by comparing it with consumerism and letting Exodus and liberation play a big theme in Magnolia.

In this paper I will attempt to explore the story behind Paul Thomas Anderson by analyzing his autobiography and how his life is seen through his films, then explore the themes of family through all of his films, and religion in Magnolia and Boogie Nights.

Before I dive into his filmography and the analysis of his film, it is important to freshen up on his biography to see how Paul Thomas Anderson went from birth to filmmaker. Born in in San Fernando Valley into a business family, he had a very outgoing father who dominated a family of nine children and two marriages.

Growing up in the Valley, Paul Thomas Anderson was surrounded by porn productions and it was commonplace rather than perverted. School was an entirely different story where he was repeatedly dropping out of schools, even schools for behavioral issues; repeating multiple grades, and eventually dropping out of college.

While in boarding school he was scared to be so far away from home and ran with a dangerous crowd where drugs were heavily involved. Paul Thomas Anderson went on to write the script and shoot the short Cigarettes and Coffee, which eventually led to the making of his first feature length film Hard Eight.

From there his career soared and from that he made Boogie Nights to Magnolia and etc. Also where he grew up became an important part of his filmmaking in two ways: Magnolia and the porn industry. With Boogie Nights it seemed that growing up in the 70s in the Valley provided the foundation and the inspiration to make the movie as it follows Dirk Diggler and his rise and fall from pornography fame.

Another huge influence on the Boogie Nights movie was experiences with his own mother and dropping out of high school. Rollergirl and Dirk Diggler bother drop out of high school and miss the chance of college in order to make their way into the porn business.

"Remember the power is yours. The power is in the writer." Paul Thomas Anderson

Especially when Anderson explores the feelings and confusion that Rollergirl felt while at school taking tests it seems that Anderson is expressing his own personal experiences and problem that he faced while in the school system.

When he moved to California, his early jobs in TV and game shows impacted his filmmaking as seen in Magnolia as one part of the film revolves around a game show for kids as they face adults, very similar to a show he worked on titled Quiz Kid Challenge. Even in the future his work and interaction with television led to more projects as a visit to Saturday Night Live with his then girlfriend Fiona Apple led to a friendship with Adam Sandler that eventually led to the two collaborating for Punch-Drunk Love.

Paul Thomas Anderson also seems to have a very interesting past relationship with religion, possibly positive or negative. While in some aspects we can see his appreciation and understanding of religion in Magnolia we also see the negative light and rough side of religion in There Will Be Blood.

In my opinion it seems that the greatest impact that his childhood and past had on him more than anything was the vibrant and alive environment that he grew up in his household.

I would say that it is these years that allowed him to be able to create so many different and bizarre characters in Boogie Nights and Magnolia while at the same time being able to connect them all together and give each one the time they respectfully deserve.

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In his first feature film, Hard Eight, the film starts off by Sydney picking up John off the streets to help him learn the ins and outs of gambling. Quickly and understandably John becomes fascinated with Sydney and sees him a father figure using him to help him in dangerous situations and always using him for advice and guidance.

As John puts himself in a sticky situation by assaulting a man, Sydney sacrifices his money and possibly his life to make sure John will make it out ok and live for a better day with Clementine.

In his second feature film, Boogie Nights, we are introduced to Jack Horner who has become the father to not just one, but many, young men and women of the porn industry. He approaches Dirk to give him a chance at the business but Dirk declines.

It is after a brutal fight with his mother and being kicked out of the house that Dirk comes back to Jack hoping to find shelter, a job, and a family that loves him.

Jack becomes a father to Dirk by taking care of him and helping launch his porn career to astonishing heights. He is indeed the man of the house in Boogie Nights and the piece that holds the big family together. In the end he also takes Dirk back into his arms, like the Prodigal son, after Dirk hits rock bottom.Cate 1 “New” Hollywood Narratives: An Analysis of Boogie Nights and Magnolia Introduction To discuss Paul Thomas Anderson the filmmaker is to consider the current age of.

Now we can focus on Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece Magnolia that is full of family drama, problems, and religion.

An analysis of the movie magnolia by paul thomas anderson

In Magnolia we see the deconstruction of the American family that is being replaced by broken homes and burial of emotions. Many people insist that Magnolia is an excellent example of an “unconventional” film because it doesn’t follow the “conventional” guidelines of structure, whatever that means.

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I confess that after all these years of studying and thinking and teaching thousands and thousands of people about the movies, I still don’t know what the phrase “conventional .

Magnolia is a American epic drama film written, co-produced and directed by Paul Thomas film stars Jeremy Blackman, Tom Cruise, Melinda Dillon, Philip Baker Hall, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ricky Jay, William H.

Macy, Alfred Molina, Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly, Jason Robards and Melora Walters, and is a mosaic of interrelated characters in search of happiness, forgiveness and Music by: Jon Brion.

Magnolia is a American drama film written, co-produced and directed by Paul Thomas by: Jon Brion. Magnolia (), directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, is a real departure from supposed mainstream “entertainment,” a film that’s both challenging and deeply disturbing. Magnolia is a sprawling and operatic music video that interweaves so many characters, complex plots, and an ever-present sense of heightened melodrama, so that the viewer.

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