Drinking water plant business plan

Attract an angel investor Choosing a Suitable Location for your Packaged Drinking Water Plant The location of your business will also dictate the success and failure of your plant. There are a lot of considerations to make when choosing a suitable location, both business and legal. From a business perspective, the issues include whether the premises has adequate space for both present and future operations; are the utility systems electrical and plumbing adequate to handle operations and waste disposal; and is there adequate office and storage space?

Drinking water plant business plan

If you are dreaming about starting a drinking water plant business in India, now is the best time for you to materialize your dream. Nowadays, most people living the city or even in villages in India prefer drinking purified mineral water over tap water because of a variety of reasons.

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One of the primary reasons is that bottled mineral water is safer than tap water. As you observe, more and more entrepreneurs are getting interested in opening their own mineral water plant. As a proof, you can now see numerous brands of bottled mineral water in the market, not to mention the increasing number of different water refilling stations all throughout the country.

There are many reasons why the mineral water business is continuously growing. Some of the major reasons are as follows: Health consciousness and awareness Many people in India are now getting aware of the negative effects of drinking contaminated water to their health and wellness. They are now becoming more watchful in what they drink and eat.

Water is one of the main carriers of different kinds of ailments especially of water-borne diseases such as guinea worm disease, dysentery, typhoid, typhoid, and other types of diarrheal diseases.

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The increasing awareness in health consciousness among Indians encourages people to stay on the safe side by drinking only bottled mineral water. Water is essential for survival. With the continuous growth in the number of people who are getting aware of the health risks of consuming dirty water, people are now more willing to spend a little more for safe drinking water than to save a few Indian rupees by consuming unsafe tap water.

The good thing about this type of business is that the raw material which is the water is readily available for free. You just have to drill and set up a borehole and you can expect a steady and free water supply for your plant.

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The other production materials you need like labels, bottles, and caps can easily be found in the marketplace. Although you need to invest thousands of Indian rupees for the initial drinking water plant project costyou will enjoy high-profit margin, in the long run, thus making this type of business very lucrative.

drinking water plant business plan

Open employment opportunities for the locals Aside from the high profit margin, what makes this business so fulfilling is the fact that you can open employment opportunities in your locality. It is so fulfilling to help other people earn a decent income for their own families.

Although a large portion of the bottled water production process involves machine works, you still need some manual labor. You cannot run a mineral water plant alone. You will need help from a few people to keep your business run smoothly.

Among the tasks that require manual works are cleaning and sanitizing the containers or bottles, loading the distribution or delivery trucks, distributing the finished products, operating the machines, quality control, and more.Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act Grant.

September 21, - EPA announces the Lead Testing in School and Child Care Program Drinking Water Grant.; Webinar: EPA will host a webinar to provide information about the new grant iridis-photo-restoration.comial state agencies are encouraged to .

General Information about Lead in Drinking Water How Lead Gets into Drinking Water. Lead can enter drinking water when service pipes that contain lead corrode, especially where the water has high acidity or low mineral content that corrodes pipes and fixtures.

Celebrating Drinking Water Week is an easy way to educate the public, connect with the community and promote employee morale. Too often, water utilities receive publicity only when something bad happens - a water main breaks in the middle of rush hour or you have to raise your rates, again.

Endorsed Drinking Water Source Protection Plans. For municipal systems, this involves developing a written plan that addresses the concerns to the source water.

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