How to write a garage sale add

Cutting the clutter before a move?

How to write a garage sale add

Feel free to describe your items in detail, but avoid sounding like a marketing executive. Write your ad in a word processing program and simply copy and paste it to each listing website site. This will save you the hassle of retyping it over and over again.

Make Yard Sale Signs Check the laws in your area before making garage sale signs as some places have banned them. Include your address or an arrow pointing towards your house. Wood paint stirrers make great posts for sticking garage sale signs in the ground. You can get the stirrers free from most home improvement stores.

Prepping for the Sale 1. Get Supplies Make sure you have everything you need at least a day before the garage sale starts. You can find or make enough surfaces to suit your needs.

For example, I gather up all of the card tables and patio furniture I can find for placing breakable items on. For smaller, non-breakable items, I put a board over two milk crates.

how to write a garage sale add

For clothes, you can use a garment rack or hang them on hangers off the top of your garage door. Keep tables with breakables off to the side of your sale or against a fence. Unattended kids love to run underneath tables, so the more centrally located they are, the higher risk you run of the table being knocked over.

Make sure you have fives, ones, and at least twenty dollars in quarters. Ask the bank for a reusable cash envelope.

Best Garage Sale Ads | Best Garage Sale Tips

Many branches are happy to give you one. Sort Your Items Sort before your price. Most people are looking for something specific and will appreciate the organization.

To price items, I just use a roll of manila tape and a Sharpie, which is a lot cheaper than going out and buying fancy price tags. While many people do enjoy a good verbal match, some will just walk away if they think items are priced too high.

Organize and Arrange Your Sale Arrange your tables and put all the clothes on hangers the night before the garage sale. I arrange everything the night before and store it in the garage for safekeeping. Throwing Your Garage Sale 1. Get Ready Give yourself at least an hour before the garage sale starts to set everything out and put up signs.

Make sure you have your change in a safe place, and find a comfortable, shaded area to sit.How to Write a Garage Sale Ad for the Newspaper by Filonia LeChat ; Updated July 27, Even though much business is conducted online these days through websites, texting, email and blogs, the newspaper is still relied on as a resource listing garage sale advertisements for the upcoming weekend.

Sample Craigslist Garage Sale ads - Sorted Here are examples of Craigslist Garage Sale ad "attention-getting" headings. No wonder some garage sales only get a few people bother to show up.

Nov 01,  · How to Have a Garage Sale. A garage sale is a great way to reduce clutter around your house while making some extra money in the process. Add more interest to your sale by offering craft items, home baked goods, or beverages.

Write on the price tag "Dollhouse. Some missing furniture. Selling as is." Thanks! Yes No. Not %(1). Sep 12,  · How to Advertise a Garage Sale on Craigslist Two Methods: Posting an Advertisement with an Account Creating an Account so You Can Post an Advertisement Community Q&A Craigslist is a website where you can post online advertisements for free%(66).

Best garage sale pricing tips. One of the hardest decisions you will have to make is what garage sale prices to put on your items. These garage sale pricing tips will make it easy.

how to write a garage sale add

As the garage sale progresses, people will get the boxes mixed up and you’ll have a hard time keeping it organized. To price items, I just use a roll of manila tape and a Sharpie, which is a lot cheaper than going out and buying fancy price tags.

Sample Craigslist Garage Sale ads | Best Garage Sale Tips