Imagination positive

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Imagination positive

It was my fourth year of college and a few months ago, I had an intense manic episode that led to me losing forty pounds and discovering that I was bipolar. I was now living with a roommate who sat in the dark every day watching TV and smoking pot.

I was out of touch with most of my old friends. I remember having visions of myself in five years, a homeless bum. A guy who had a bit of promise but whose life was just a bit too messed up to make anything Imagination positive it.

I felt alone and afraid. I just feel worse. And he begins to guide me in strategies for working out these parts of my life, or at least putting them in context, breaking them down and working on each one.

The Power of Imagination

But my mind sticks to this thought. Those words, and that confidence he had, it infused something in me. Made me believe that I could change things. That life was something I could guide and create and that not only could I, I would. I remember how that session was a breakout for me. It began a process that changed me and my life.

But the truth is, our words create a reality.

Imagination positive

When the therapist said those words, it created a world inside my own head that developed and grew as time went on. And the more I repeated those words to myself, and the more real they became to me, the more they came true.

The lesson is two-fold. This is the power of positive thinking. The second lesson is intimitaly connected with the first, but applies on an internal level: Our imaginations are powerful.

They turn fiction into non-fiction. They transform the world, transform us, transform others. Many people are unaware of this, unaware of the power of their imagination and the power of language, and so they use these things negatively, they imagine and speak about a world that is full of negativity, sickness, evil, and more.

And so their prophecy becomes self-fulfilled. Ironically, by their worrying about this negativity, they are help creating it. But one who realizes the power of imagination, and the power he has to create it with his own words, is powerful.

He is able to construct a world in his mind and then bring it into existence around him. He raises up those next to him, builds himself up, and more.

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Unlike faith, bitachon is all about believing not just that whatever happens is for the good, but that the good will be expressed in a way we can understand. My therapist had bitachon.

He looked at me and believed life would be good. To build it, construct it, and work at it, with unceasing positivity and imagination.

Will you join me?For God hath not given us the Spirit of Negativity but of Positivity with a Positive Imagination.

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Positive Imagination by sekharan iridis-photo-restoration.comd thousand reasons To trust a friend And hold his left hand With love and affection.

Attract the Things You Desire With Positive Imagination

Closer to heart and soul Left lifts love And positive. Page/5(5). Using Imagination to Change Negative to Positive First thing in the morning, imagine yourself tremendously happy. Get out of bed in a very happy mood – radiant, bubbling, expectant – as if something perfect, of infinite value, is going to happen today.

Imagination is the capacity to produce images, ideas and sensations in the mind without any immediate input of the senses (such as seeing or hearing). Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience and the learning process.

Scott Barry Kaufman is scientific director of the Imagination Institute in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, where he investigates the measurement and development of intelligence, imagination, and creativity.

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