Multimedia design best practices

Like with anything else, even with course development, it helps tremendously to learn from your experience to ensure no loose ends remain open. The list below consists of key methods and procedures standardized over time that would help you develop an impactful course. Go ahead — read through the best practices and start leveraging them to your benefit!

Multimedia design best practices

It can't be played in your browser. Design Considerations There are many types of distributed systems, each designed to meet specific business requirements. Based on the priority of requirements, the following considerations may change, but in general, most developers will need to keep these in mind when designing a distributed system: Availability — Operational characteristic of a system where it is always ready to handle requests.

Scalability — The ability of a system to increase its capacity to handle more load. This could be achieved by adding more servers to a cluster. Performance — Speed at which a system is able to handle requests. Cost — Total cost of ownership of the system. This could include hardware, software, development, testing, hosting, and cloud infrastructure.

Manageability — Maintenance, update, migration, scaling, and diagnostic should all be manageable. Reliability — Able to adapt to the load and respond properly during exceptional conditions. Heterogeneity — Ability to support a variety of devices and protocols. Fault Tolerance and Failure Management — Systems designed with an expectation of failure will make them more fault tolerant.

Concurrency — When multiple parts work at the same time a given for distributed systems. Migration and Load Balancing — Closely related to reliability, fault tolerance, and failure management. Security — Ensuring proper authorization and authentication between the users and components of the system is key ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

Composability and Modularity — Many small subsystems and modules forming a larger system in a way that can be configured and reused in different ways.

This information, such as current location, crash reports, road work, and stopped vehicles, is made available to other drivers who are also part of this distributed system. This data is then processed and sent out appropriately to other users, informing them of upcoming road conditions.

When designing Traverz, our expectations and design goals are derived from the business requirements, such as the need to: Support the most common devices on the market. Support a large number of concurrent users. Keep response times very fast. Provide near real-time updates based on location and direction.Workshop chair Beverly Woolf explained the objective of the session: to identify potential best practices in developing and implementing new multimedia courseware.

It was agreed that, given the participation in the large workshop of many novices as well as experts, the groups identification of best. Web Development & Design Foundations Buy the 9th Edition.

The 9th edition of this popular textbook provides an introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and responsive web design, In addition, there are sections providing a brief overview and introduction to CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout.

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For more information about themes, intranet best practices, and full-color screenshots of the 10 winners, download the Intranet Design Annual. The report download comes with a folder containing each image as to make it easier to zoom in on and study the designs.

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Multimedia design best practices

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Optical. Network Design and Transport. In this e-guide This Telecom Insights guide to best practices for optical network design looks at access, metro and customer. Today, both these media are being "shortened" or even eliminated by the use of fiber optics.

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