Scary halloween stories

Because he was wrapped up in himself!

Scary halloween stories

Some of these stories are simply short, so we'll make this fun and add several to these pages.

Halloween Stories - 13 Best Scary Adult Halloween Stories

If you can't get enough, more stories are accessible from our Urban Legends and Scary Tales pages. Sit back, read, and have a scare of a good time!

Some of these even took place on Halloween! You'll be unsettled to say the least! I come from Canberra, the capital of Australia. Just out of Canberra, on the way to Sydney, there's a huge lake, called "Lake George".

These days, as Canberra and it's surrounding area is faced with one of it's worst droughts in years, you would never guess that not that long ago, it was filled with water, at times overflowing onto the road.

Many people spent fun summers fishing and swimming there, but not everyone had such happy times. Many people lost their lives there, and there are stories about ghostly sightings around Canberra. One of the best-known is that if you drive past Lake George at night by yourself and look in the rear-vision mirror, you'll see someone sitting in the backseat of your car.

Scary halloween stories

There have also been reports of ghost trucks and cars that drive along the highway late at night when few cars are traveling. We have many urban legends in fact, but there's one in particular.

The story is set on Old Sycamore Road, which an old road in the farmland, an open field area of my town. There's a small bridge off of Old Sycamore Road that takes you onto another road, that leads to the next town.

The story goes, a man, or a boy fell off the bridge, and died hitting his head on the rocks underneath. And if you were to drive on Old Sycamore Road at night, and cross that bridge, then the "ghost" of the man, or boy appear next to your car once you pass the exact spot they had fallen from, until you exit the bridge.

My friends and I have tested this urban legend many times and we have yet to see anything. We don't even know if anyone really died there, but true or false, it's an eerie story and visual. A young couple had gotten married on Halloween. Around midnight, they were riding in a horse drawn carriage across the bridge at the same time a car was.

The bridge was only one lane, so by the time they saw each other it was too late.

Halloween Stories - 13 Best Scary Adult Halloween Stories

Story has it that they crashed and the hubcap of the car flew off, decapitating the bride. The police never found her head or the body of the groom. Its been said that if you sit on the bridge on Halloween night around midnight, you can see the headless bride standing on some rocks in the river.

However they don't know if she is looking for her head or her lost love. By Courtnie The legend is that if you sit in three of the graveyard chairs from midnight until one minute after midnight, you will have the ability to see ghosts, but you will pay with your life.Welcome to the dark world where you can experience your scary imagination and share the scary thoughts.

Read, write and submit the scary experiences, surreal short scary stories and spooky tales. Scary, Scary Halloween [Eve Bunting, Jan Brett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Four pairs of eyes stare from the blackness to watch fearsome creatures trick-or-treat. Oct 27,  · This weeks theme on SevenSuperGirls is Scary Story! With Halloween fast approaching.. Jenna and her parents decide to tell scary stories in the dark!

Scary Halloween Jokes and Riddles for Kids, Monsters, Ghosts and Ghouls for Halloween. Halloween Stories: Spooky Short Stories for Kids (Halloween Collection Book 7) - Kindle edition by Uncle Amon.

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Halloween Poems, Classic Spooky Poetry, and More! The following "dark", scary poems and Halloween poems aren't really that scary - just a little dark in nature, perhaps even a little creepy!Some include our favorite monsters: the vampire, the witch and .

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