Science inquiry essay

Why do some people remember dreams and others don't? Does this affect mental health?

Science inquiry essay

More Essay Examples on Inquiry Rubric If the problem seems to be a new one, then move to the next step. The second step involves making an explanation. The third step is to make a prediction based on the explanation made.

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That is, if the explanation is true, what happens after? What consequences will arise? The fourth and final step is to do a test. The tests usually done is to disprove the explanation made in the second step. If one is unable to do so, then the explanation is said to be proven as true.

The model discussed above though is not the only one that can be done. That is, the process that involves hypothesis then experiment then results.

In zoology for example, observation instead of experimentation is used. While different fields follow different steps, scientific inquiry has certain features that distinguishes it from other methods.

As already mentioned earlier, the result must not only be objective but the results must be repeatable. Meaning other people can do the same processes and come up with the same conclusion or results. Remember that the first step in science inquiry is about asking a question.

Students, elementary in particular, can learn not only how to ask questions but also use facts and evidence in answering them. As the student undergoes the process of scientific inquiry, he or she will learn how to how to conduct experiments or do investigations.

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The students also learns how to get results or facts from a wide number of sources in order to get their answers. Again, since it is a process, scientific inquiry is therefore not limited to science subjects alone.

It can be used on an assortment of topics like history, physical education and even mathematics.

Science inquiry essay

Let us say for example than an elementary teacher wants to introduce the class to the concept of Subtraction.

By the method of counting, the teacher can ask the students how many ducks, for example, are left when one of the ten ducks is a pond swims away.

Science inquiry essay

Continuously doing these, like what if two swim away, the students will be able to get the idea of subtraction. The teacher should be able to activate the interrogating skills of children and then aid them in the process by giving them data to observe and understand. This way, both the learning and thinking processes of the child are facilitated.

Another thing to remember in conducting scientific inquiry is that if one does not want to be involved in a though experiment, then the teacher should ensure that the students can avail of the instruments that are needed. The instruments need not be laboratory instruments but also things that can be found even in nature or in the surroundings.

Suppose the teacher wants the class to know what factors are needed in order to determine the visibility of, say, a rainbow. With this in mind, the proposed experiment would be that if a student faces a rising sun from the east on an early rainy morning, then the student will be able to see a rainbow.

We expect then that the result of the experiment would that the student will be able to see a rainbow if he faces east on a rainy morning.Science Chemistry and biochemistry. Chemical synthesis, the execution of chemical reactions to form a more complex molecule from chemical precursors.

Organic synthesis, the chemical synthesis of organic compounds. Total synthesis, the complete organic synthesis of complex organic compounds, usually without the aid of biological processes; Convergent synthesis or linear synthesis.

The "Scientific Method" is a set of steps taken to ensure that conclusions are reached sensibly, experiments designed carefully, data is interpreted in accordance with the results of tests, and that procedures can be verified independently.

This inquiry can be extended however. The forces on the block should be analyzed. There are four distinct forces on the block.

The force of gravity is the most obvious it . There are five essential components of scientific inquiry teaching that introduce students to many important aspects of science while helping them to develop a clearer and deeper knowledge of some particular science concept and/or process.

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