Shifting baselines

Jump to navigation Jump to search A shifting baseline also known as sliding baseline is a type of change to how a system is measured, usually against previous reference points baselineswhich themselves may represent significant changes from an even earlier state of the system. The concept was then considered by the fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly in his paper "Anecdotes and the shifting baseline syndrome of fisheries".

Shifting baselines

Kering Bringing together diverse brands enjoy! They needed one central communication channel to bring a common sense of identity to all their people working across the different brands.

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Change Agents were equipped to run over activity packed workshops around the world to gather input. An intranet launch campaign followed, focused on encouraging collaboration behaviours and showcasing viral videos direct from their people. Ensuring that those behaviours were more than just words would depend on them becoming part of day-to-day life for employees in widely differing operational roles.

An essential element of this was building the behaviours in to performance management conversations. We developed a range of engaging print and online materials to support managers and employees in discussing behaviours as a core part of their performance conversations.

We created a roadshow within a Network Rail van, which took an interactive approach to the Alliance Story inviting colleagues to share their ideas on how to improve train performance. The programme caters for entry level through to seasoned communication professionals and combines face to face workshops, virtual learning webinars and one to one coaching to provide tailored learning.

Aine Virgin Trains Aine Shifting baselines specialises in Change Communications having honed her skills working on high profile change programmes with some of the biggest brands.

Shifting baselines

Aine worked with the People Director to help drive this change, bringing together a cross-functional group and delivering an ongoing engagement model with defined workstreams and activities. They want to be sure that what they are doing really does engage their people in what the business needs to achieve.

For the past four years we have undertaken a review for Eurostar to measure the impact and success of its communication activities. Combining surveys, senior level interviews and front line workshops we provide analysis, insight and recommendations to help them strengthen their communications approach year on year.

We designed interactive workshops which collected data and insight on measures aligned to engagement drivers. These also underpinned the development of a communications dashboard that allows performance to be reported against clear targets, including a message counter, channel tracker and business outcomes.

We supported the Lloyds Bank transformation journey by undertaking pulse checks with frontline colleagues to understand how they were adapting to the new ways of working. The surveys provided an in-depth view of how the changes were being experienced and established clear baselines for engagement in the rebrand and revitalisation.

A key focus is ensuring leaders engage their own teams in what the business wants to achieve and role model the kind of organisation that RSA wants to be.

We developed a range of learning tools to increase capability around storytelling, increasing leadership confidence and presence on social media, enabling courageous conversations, encouraging more productive team dialogues and communicating change.

The programme is supported by setting clear expectations for leadership communications and providing better access to social media channels. Bringing values to life Allianz Bringing values to life When Allianz Group defined a new set of organisational values, the UK organisation needed to ensure that everyone understood what the values.

We were asked to develop the approach and tools for generating a values conversation at Allianz that started with the senior leaders. We used the annual leadership conference as an opportunity to launch the values and begin the conversation. To get delegates thinking, we designed an online pre-work activity posing challenges about the commercial impact of strong values.

During the conference, managers were introduced to the new values and provided with their pre-work results. Thought-provoking dialogue posters were created for delegates to work through.

Following the conference, leaders were given toolkits to enable them to confidently hold values conversations with their own teams. Using research to support a step-change in internal communication Premier Inn Using research to support a step-change in internal communication With rapid growth and challenges of reaching a widely dispersed shift audience, Premier Inn were looking to make a step change in their internal communications.

The starting point was understanding the needs and preferences of their people. We helped the Communications and Engagement team gather information through a range of research techniques including senior leader interviews, workshops, an online survey, and practical exercises.

Following the research, the Communications and Engagement team had clear evidence on which to base their future plans, including what works well currently and where and how enhancements could be made. With a busy agenda ahead, our Resourcing team also helped out by sourcing an Associate to provide additional support.

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With a limited budget, she delivered an internal identity that found common ground within both cultures. A huge asset to our team from day oneShifting baselines can ease us into a comfortable ‘business as usual is good enough’ mindset, without noticing how we are heading toward a global-scale ecological collapse.” Coral reefs have weathered ecological upheaval for countless millennia, suffering widespread destruction and .

21 Federal Workforce Priorities Report. Page 3. ysis, and. planning. Lastly, a scan of the external environment identified four major trends affecting the workforce at-large.

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A baseline is a line that is a base for measurement or for construction..


The word baseline may refer to. baseline (configuration management), the process of managing change baseline (sea), the starting point for delimiting a coastal state's maritime zones Baselines of the Chinese territorial sea; Baselines of Indonesia; baseline (surveying), a line between two points of the earth's surface.

Daniel Pauly first elucidated the idea of shifting baselines in a Trends in Ecology and Evolution paper. He wrote about the gradual accommodation of the disappearance of fish species, how each generation of fishers and marine scientists assumed that the current population of fish was the norm.

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