Should community service be mandatory

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Should community service be mandatory

They call it a wonderful savings opportunity for their residents. But a Stop the Cap! Mid America is extending the policy to all of its apartment complexes over the coming months, notifying residents about its new CableSaver program through flyers. Enrollment in the program is automatic for new residents, and will take effect for existing residents upon the renewal of their annual lease agreement.

Mid America owns apartment complexes in 13 states. All of them will find the CableSaver program coming their way sooner or later. And so here we are. I think we as tenants have an option to choose what cable company we want to go with.

A letter from the front office promoted an exciting new offer: Mid America is selling this mandatory cable program as a real money-saver. Kickbacks for cable is nothing new in the rental business.

Complex owners used to routinely make exclusive deals with providers to deliver service to residents, often through contracts that kept competitors out. But a FCC ruling made such exclusive arrangements illegal.

A Federal Court of Appeals agreed: But complex owners and cable operators discovered an enormous loophole — complex owners can force residents to pay mandatory cable fees as part of their rent so long as they did not bar would-be competitors from also providing service.

Since many renters are also young — renting their first apartment after leaving home — establishing a relationship with those customers may make them customers for life. Cable companies can also use the program as an opportunity to sell add-on services to renters, such as broadband, digital phone, and premium channel packages.

But why would a company like Mid America want to alienate at least some of their renters who do not want to be forced to pay for cable service? The company tells investors its new mandatory cable program will become an important source of new revenue for the complex owner: The continued roll-out of ancillary services such as re-selling cable televisionimproved collections, and utility reimbursements enable us to capture increased revenue dollars.

Renters might be interested to know the company has more in store for them in the coming months: Our goal is to maximize our return on investment collectively and in each apartment community by increasing revenues, tightly controlling operating expenses, maintaining high occupancy levels and reinvesting as appropriate.

The steps taken to meet these objectives include: Unfortunately for residents, short of moving, there is no escaping these fees. Another way to send a message is to tell Mid America you will not do business with them until they make the CableSaver program truly optional.

If the company stands to lose more money than it receives from cable company kickbacks, it may choose to amend its policies.

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The FCC bans exclusive cable contracts forcing renters to buy service from one provider.The Mandatory Blood Testing Act, , reduces the time for getting a mandatory blood test to less than three the act, the process could take more than two months.

This law makes sure that police officers, firefighters, correctional services staff and others get faster access to information that can help them decide the best way to reduce the chances of getting sick should they be.

Nov 07,  · On Veterans Day, some wonder if national service — military or civilian — should be expected of all Americans?

Community service should be required.

Should community service be mandatory

Yes, community service should be requirement for college students. Firstly, it does a lot of good whether it's cleaning up garbage on the highway or working in .

Should community service be required for college students? |

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Mar 23,  · The Great Neck school district declined to mandate community service, believing that volunteerism is the ''purest form of community service,'' said . This sheet examines legal provisions requiring specified people to report suspected abuse and neglect to government child protection services in Australia.

1 What is mandatory reporting?

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