The misrepresentation of video game violence

Send Email Cancel Video games. The phrase itself has a bad taste to it if you listen to the media.

The misrepresentation of video game violence

A Reflection of Social Reality. Racism, hate speech and prejudice: Today they are an industry that produces billions of dollars and em- ploys engineers and artists alike in an art form spanning interactive games, to virtual societies where millions of people dwell.

However, like all human products, our same fears, flaws and xen- ophobia show in the games, with the reflection of hatred, racism and stereotypes that are our eve- ryday experience.

Violence in Video Games: The Misrepresentation of a Generation of Gamers | Jennawynn

Also, as a result of the influence of other media, like television, with misrepre- sentations of blacks, Latinos and other races, or the objectification of women are present in video games.

The significant thing found researching for this assignment is that most of those who use these games are themselves part of minorities or races that are not exactly white Americans. Abuse of the frustrations and desires of the user, handling codes and the system answers of users to main- tain the player engagement, has more resemblance to use of illegal drugs with art, but however, the complexity of the design, stories and global assessment, have led to other considerations by experts.

Competing in the games could be considered as having more of escapism that the reality of engaging, but all human beings are expected in their tribes to compete and demonstrate their value as a member while complying with social norms or expectations.


Same as satisfying or sur- render to corporate or group interests. Here are some ideas for the intent of this survey.

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The games grow with technology advances and the complexity of the offer, determined by the quality of graphics and invade our homes.

The speed of technology always surpasses intellectual ones Perron, Like violence, some- thing that videogame competitiveness had the greatest influence of aggressive behavior Adachi, Game, Science or Art? Still video game aesthetics as such have been unexplored in video game studies Picard, As we said before, the video game industry has a major impact, not only in the economy of the US, but internationally, through the sales of major systems and games such as Call of Duty: Simplification of the human behavior and isolation from society makes us become more dependent on the media, including of course, video games Jenkins, Developers provide the illusion of a virtual world with interactive 3D graphics, user inter- faces and visual simulation Zyda, Hate speech, racism and prejudice as human products In the research came across to: Examples like that one show us that the Internet is really not color- blind Daniels, Muslims, African Americans, gays, and women Tan, That spe- cific research confirms what other studies presented as anger against other ethnic groups Kup- pens, et al.

Cultural noise or bias?Recently Target announced the removal of GTA V from their shelves due to the misrepresentation of the game by a petition on by people interested in pushing a narrative that does not exist in the game.

The misrepresentation of video game violence

Feb 12,  · Violence rates are seasonal, generally higher in summer than in winter; so are video game sales, which peak during the holidays. “We found that higher rates of violent video game sales. Violence has been a mainstay in video games since the medium was created, and for about half of its life, it has been under fire for supposedly influencing young adults to commit unspeakable crimes.

Violence against women and sexism Another important aspect of negative content of video games is the frequent depiction and sexual objectification and violence against women (Miller, ), some of the popular video games, such as Grand Theft Auto (GTA), portray and even reward sexualized violence to- wards women without emphasizing any.

It's time to end the debate about video games and violence

Mar 20,  · “Life is like a video game. Everybody’s got to die sometime.” These words were spoken by Devin Moore, who was later sentenced to death for murdering two police officers and a dispatcher before making his getaway in a police cruiser (Alabama, ). “[I]n almost every generation is the new medium that comes.

The misrepresentation of video game violence

Video games: defining violence and the misrepresentation of video games in the mass media.

Violent media and real-world behavior: Historical data and recent trends - Journalist's Resource