Write a c code section for merge sort algorithm array

Unlike some efficient implementations of quicksort, merge sort is a stable sort. Variants[ edit ] Variants of merge sort are primarily concerned with reducing the space complexity and the cost of copying.

Write a c code section for merge sort algorithm array

This algorithm works as follows. Divide the unsorted array of size N into N subarrays having single element each. Take two adjacent subarrays and merge them to form a sorted subarray having 2 elements. Repeat the process until a single sorted array is obtained. Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Step 1 At first step, the array is divided into 2 subarrays 9 8 5 and 7 3 1 of size 3 each. The subarray 9 8 5 is further divided into subarrays 9 8 and 5.

The subarray 9 8 is further divided into 9 and 8. Since no further division is possible so division process will stop. The subarray 7 3 is further divided into 7 and 3 and then the division process will stop.

Step 2 Since all subarrays now contain one element each, the merge process will start. Subarrays 9 and 8 will merge in sorted order to form subarray 8 9subarrays 7 and 3 will merge to form sorted subarray 3 7.

Finally, subarrays 5 8 9 and 1 3 7 will merge to produce the final sorted array 1 3 5 7 8 9. Conclusion In this tutorial, we learned about the Merge sort algorithm and its implementation using C.

Please find the attached code for better understanding. Given below is the output screen for this code.Source code of simple merge sort implementation using array in ascending order in c programming language.

#include #define MAX void mergeSort Write a c program for merge sort. 7. Write a c program for shell sort.

write a c code section for merge sort algorithm array

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How Merge Sort Works?

Merge sort is a sorting technique based on divide and conquer technique. With the worst-case time complexity being Ο(n log n), it is one of the most respected algorithms.

The Merge-Sort Algorithm. One of the faster sorting techniques is the merge-sort algorithm, but it has one major drawback: It requires the allocation of a temporary array as large as the array to be sorted.

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Nov 08,  · It is rather amazing, that many programmers are unable to write ‘Merge Sort’ correctly. With its guarantee of O(n log n) time complexity, it is a dependable sorting algorithm. Also it can be used to count number of inversions in an array of integers.

A subproblem would be to sort a sub-section of this array starting at index p and ending at index r, denoted as A[p..r].

write a c code section for merge sort algorithm array

the merge function picks up the sorted sub-arrays and merges them to gradually sort the entire array. The merge step of merge sort. Copy all remaining elements of non-empty array. Writing the code for merge algorithm.

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