Writing anonymous letter to police department

I can still remember the shock of having an officer standing in the doorway telling me you had my son sitting in the back of the van and could you come in. I was in end of the working week mode, you could probably tell.

Writing anonymous letter to police department

You can do this by simply calling or emailing the police department. However, to ensure there is a record of your complaint, and that it is received, you should send out a formal complaint letter.

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Get the address where you should mail the complaint letter. Type your name and contact information at the top of the letter. Should the police department wish to contact you with further questions, they can find your address, email and phone number here, at the top of the page.

Explain the nature of your complaint in the first paragraph. Talk briefly about the issue you have with the department, staff member or officer. Detail your complaint in subsequent paragraphs.

For example, if there was an issue involving an officer at your home, state the date and time of day, why the officer was called and what event proceeded his arrival on the scene. Give these details without comment. Just present the facts, as they occurred.

Type and sign your name at the end of the complaint letter. Keep a copy of the letter for your own records. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.Jun 07,  · A Chicago police lieutenant who’s married to Superintendent Eddie Johnson has lodged an internal department complaint against a sergeant who .

Nov 08,  · The first tip for writing an anonymous letter is not to write it. This does not mean giving up on the whole venture, but it does mean typing it instead. It may seem paranoid to not hand-write the letter, but typing removes the possibility of your handwriting being spotted.

An anonymous letter purported to be from “Officers & Supervisors” with the Selma Police Department is calling for the resignation of Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier, while another anonymous letter, also purported to be from a different group of officers, shows a sign of support for the chief.

writing anonymous letter to police department

If the letter is harassing or threatening, contact your lawyer or local police department. Complaints About an Employee Anonymous letters sent by and about fellow employees are common, according. This letter is drafted as a written complaint against these college students. The negligence which the misbehavior from these people received initially has encouraged them to reach this level.

I, Jane Willis, hereby, put this plea in front of the entire police department via this letter, to get rid of this behavior as soon as possible. Aug 22,  · Approach an anonymous letter as if writing a normal letter.

The only big difference is that you will not include your name or any other personal details. Otherwise, the basic layout and structure of the letter are the same as normal.

With all the different methods of identifying paper and ink that the police and the FBI have.

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